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How Client Matter Conference Stacks Up Against the Leading Legal Teleconference Service Providers
Client Matter Conference is a comprehensive audio and web conferencing service for the legal
industry, and we’ve set out to be the best group communication solution available in this arena.

We have set the bar high for ourselves because you deserve nothing less. Here’s how we stack
up against the leading legal teleconference providers.

Our Competition:

The Leading Legal Teleconference Providers

You’ve probably encountered our main competitors in your search for a legal conferencing
service for legal hearings and court conference calls:

• Soundpath Legal by PGi Legal

• Infinite Conferencing Legal

• AT&T Legal Conference

• Intercall legal conference

Each has their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at how Client Matter Conference out
performs our competition in the areas that matter most to attorneys, court reporters, legal
assistants, and other legal professionals.

We are Focused on the Teleconferencing Needs of the Legal Industry
While most of our competitors also focus on the legal industry, some solutions are only slightly
modified business conferencing services. Some services, such as AT&T legal conference and
Infinite Conferencing legal appear to be regular general purpose conferencing products.

Client Matter Conference, in contrast, is purpose built for lawyers. We designed every aspect of
our service so that you can hold anything from a court conference call or a legal assistant
conference call to depositions and legal hearings like civil motions hearings without concerns
about security, audio quality, or misplaced billable hours. In fact, with each court conference
call or legal teleconference you hold, you can assign client matter billing codes or assign the
call’s billing to a specific department or attorney in your firm. Every minute you spend in
teleconferences can be tracked and billed accordingly.

User-Friendly Design
Many of our competitors are huge international organizations offering dozens of conferencing
products and variants. We offer one product, and have kept it simple, effective, and user-friendly.

For example, there’s no software to download or special equipment to buy. You can use virtually
any type of phone to hold any type of legal assistant conference call, including office phones
and landlines, mobile phones, smart phones, or VoIP phones. Our online portal consists of just
one page. This one-page portal allows you to quickly and easily create legal conferences on the
fly - complete with the permissions and client matter billing codes the call requires.

Need to host a web conference or share your screen during a court conference call? No problem,
web conferencing is built into Client Matter Conference. With our competitors, such as
Soundpath Legal by PGi Legal, Intercall legal conference, and Infinite Conferencing, legal web
conferencing requires purchasing another service. AT&T legal conference services are robust
and appear to be bundled, but features both expensive and difficult to locate rates.

Whether you need to conduct a court conference call, legal assistant conference call, or a legal
teleconference complete with a web conference component, Client Matter Conference makes it
easy and affordable. Simply pay a low per minute rate, per participant, and pay only for the time
you use. There are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements, and no

Quality of Service
This is one area that can make or break a relationship. We want our customers to know that
they can count on Client Matter Conference for extraordinary quality and reliability. We use the
exact same bridging technology as AT&T. Legal conferencing takes place over modern, fiber
optic telecommunications networks and not VoIP as so many of web-based conferencing
services use.

This technology is tried and true, and competitively priced despite its superior performance and
reliability. Check out our competitive rates below and you’ll see that the benefits we deliver over
better known competitors like Soundpath Legal by PGi Legal, Infinite Conferencing, and Intercall
legal conference don’t necessarily come with a higher price. In fact, Client Matter Conference’s
rates are among the lowest you’ll find for both general purpose and legal teleconference services

Competitive Rate Analysis

Soundpath Legal by PGi Rates
Soundpath Legal’s Global Meet Audio plan starts at $19 per month, which includes 300 minutes
of VoIP or toll minutes. If you want to provide participants with a toll free access number, you’ll
pay an additional 7 cents per minute per participant. You’ll pay $19 per month whether you use
up your 300 minutes or not. If you go over 300 minutes, you’ll pay five cents per minute for toll
calls (add another seven cents per minute for toll free calls) or two cents per minute for VoIP
calls - all per minute per participant which is standard for conferencing. Web conferencing is not
included, but is available as a separate product with its own fees.

Infinite Conferencing Rates
Legal conference calls using toll free numbers cost just four cents per minute under Infinite
Conferencing’s Reservationless Conferencing plan. There are limits, however, such as a
maximum number of participants totally just 100. Infinite Conferencing’s Operator Assisted
Conferencing Plan will cost you 20 cents per minute per participant. Neither plan includes web

Intercall Legal Conference Rates
Intercall offers a pay-as-you-go plan with toll free rates of 10 cents per minute per attendee.
You’re limited to just 125 participants on this plan, and web conferencing is not included.

AT&T Legal Conference Rates
If you use AT&T, which uses the same bridging technology that we use, you’ll pay a premium
rate. For example, its pay-as-you-go rates for AT&T’s “TeleConference and Web Meeting Service”
for reservation less automatic dial-in start at 22 cents per minute per participant for a caller
paid dial in number. This increases to 29 cents per minute per participant for toll free dial in
numbers. Prices go up from there. Web conferencing is included in this plan and costs 33 cents
per minute per connection.

Client Matter Conference Rates
With Client Matter Conference, our rates are just 6.9 cents per minute, per participant for toll free
access numbers. You can have as many as 400 participants in your teleconferences. Plus, web
conferencing is included. Not only do we have the features attorneys need, the most reliable
bridging technology, and some of the lowest prices you’ll find for audio and web conferencing,
our legal teleconference plans are offered with no contract. It is a pay-as-you-go plan. Why pay
more for minutes you may or may not use?
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