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A few years ago, attorneys wanting to host a court conference call had to make do with
traditional teleconferencing options, often to the detriment of their legal hearings. PBX-based
conference calls left a lot to be desired while basic business teleconferencing services failed to
address the unique needs of the legal industry.

Today, however, it's much easier to host a court conference call and other audio-based legal
hearings with legal teleconference services designed specifically for attorneys, legal assistants,
and other legal professionals.

When it comes to choosing a legal teleconference service provider, you have several excellent
choices including Client Matter Conference. Our service features the highest quality
technologies and has been designed specifically for the legal industry. It is affordable, easy to
use, and attorney friendly. We're proud of our legal teleconference service, but how does it stand
up against our competitors such as Soundpath Legal? We come up on top!

Here's a detailed look at why you might want to choose Client Matter Conference over
Soundpath Legal by PGi.

Legal teleconference service, Soundpath Legal, describes itself as "the only audio, video and web
conferencing service designed specifically to meet the needs of law firms." While this may have
been the case ten years ago, several legal teleconference service providers cater to the legal
profession - including Client Matter Conference.

Soundpath Legal's website lists several key benefits to using the Soundpath / PGI legal
teleconference service such as:
•  Increased revenue and billable hours
•  Reduced administrative costs
•  Increased ROI
•  Improved client communications
•  More efficient and productive meetings

These benefits are indeed compelling. In fact, Client Matter Conference delivers these same
exact benefits, and more. And we make it both easy and affordable.

Soundpath Legal offers several products, iMeet, GlobalMeet Audio, GlobalMeet, and Event
Services. These are but a handful of a much larger PGi product line. The iMeet product, for
example, has numerous variants, apps, plans, and pricing as does GlobalMeet. While this
provides a great deal of flexibility and allows PGi to cater to various industries such as legal, IT,
small business, and sales, it also adds complexity to the buying decision.

Soundpath Legal also features both expensive and difficult to locate rates. With Soundpath
Legal by PGi, legal teleconferences require signing up for a monthly plan. Currently, you must
commit to a minimum of 300 minutes per month for one of Soundpath Legal's GlobalMeet
Audio plans.

You'll pay a hefty double-digit monthly fee ($19 as of July 2019) for this plan, but that doesn't
necessarily cover all of your per minute charges. For example, if you want to provide US toll free
access, expect to pay an additional $0.07 per minute per attendee. That's on top of the monthly
fee. If you want to provide international access numbers, your per minute costs will increase
substantially. You'll also pay this fee whether you use the Soundpath Legal teleconference
service or not.

Soundpath Legal's web conferencing service is a separate product, bringing with it its own
separate fees. The iMeet plan is an annual plan with a non-refundable annual fee. Not only are
you locked in for a year, the iMeet fees are for basic services. If you exceed your monthly
allotment of minutes or use add-on services, you'll be billed accordingly. Again, Soundpath Legal
has both expensive and difficult to locate rates.

In order to see how the Soundpath Legal GlobalMeet teleconference tools work, you'll need to
schedule a demo which means giving up your name and business phone number to a
salesperson. You can download a 30-day trial version of the iMeet product, but you'll still need to
share your contact information in order to get the download.

What Makes Client Matter Conference a Better Choice?
Soundpath Legal by PGi is a good, reliable product line for attorneys wanting to host legal
teleconference calls, but it's expensive and customers must commit to a monthly and/or annual
plan (depending on which type of legal teleconference service you want, audio or web

Remember, Client Matter Conference delivers the same benefits that Soundpath Legal offers,
and it's built on the most reliable fiber optic PSTN telecommunications networks for the
ultimate in call clarity and reliability. We have advanced and secure legal teleconference calling
features and support both audio and web conferences. You don't need special software or
equipment to use our service.

Better yet, our rates are highly competitive. Where Soundpath Legal has both expensive and
difficult to locate rates, ours are cheap (just 6.9 cents per minute for toll free access) and easy
to find.

Even better still, Client Matter Conference has no contracts whatsoever. All of our services are
offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. There's no need to commit to a lengthy term or pay a monthly
fee for minutes you may or may not actually use. Simply sign up for a free account and either
hold a court conference call or not. If you do, you'll pay a much lower per minute, per participant
fee - but only for the minutes you use. If you don't use the service, you don't pay. It's that simple.

Client Matter Conference has the advanced features attorneys and legal assistants need in a
conference calling plan such as: built-in security tools, live conference viewers, moderator dial-
out, unlimited MP3 recordings, client matter billing code fields, auto-generated reports, and
more. Using our legal teleconference service for legal hearings and court conference calls can
reduce your costs, improve your communications, increase your revenue and billable hours,
improve meeting efficiency and productivity, and more - all without a contract or costly fees
that sneak up on you.

Most important of all, using Client Matter Conference to hold a court conference call or legal
teleconference is easy. You can create conference rooms on the fly instantly using a user-
friendly customer portal. There's no need to reserve conference rooms or call an operator.
However, should you need help or wish to schedule a court conference call in the future, you can
easily do so.
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Why Choose Client Matter Conference Over Soundpath Legal by PGI?
Why Choose Client Matter Conference Over Soundpath Legal by PGI
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