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Securing Attorney Conference Calls

When it comes to hosting attorney conference calls, client confidentiality is a top concern.

You simply cannot have unauthorized participants listening in. Fortunately, there are a few
simple steps you can implement to secure your attorney conference calls.

•  Use an attorney conference calling service that includes built-in security features. You
really need to be careful when using free or low-cost conference calling services as they tend
to be cheap in cost but low in features. One area that should never be compromised is
security. Here at Client Matter Conference, we take security and privacy seriously which is
why we include numerous safeguards to ensure that only those you've invited to your
attorney conference calls can join.

•  Assign a unique password to your most sensitive attorney conference calls. For public
attorney conference calls, such as informational sessions where you share tips about your
practice area with the general public, it's fine to reuse the same access and PIN numbers.
However, for private attorney conference calls, it's smart to use a unique password or PIN to
ensure that only those with the unique PIN can join the call. This prevents snoops from
randomly calling into your conference rooms to lurk.

•  Use the roll call feature at the beginning of the call -along with verbal announcements to
identify attendees as they enter and leave the room. This will ensure that you know exactly
who is on the line at all times.

•  Use the online conference call viewer to keep an eye on attendance. If you prefer not to use
the verbal announcements, you can visually see your conference call along with a list of
each participant via the online conference viewer. The online conference call viewer also
puts useful features and tools at your fingertips. For example, if one of the lines has a lot of
distracting background noise, you can quickly identify and mute it.

•  Lock the attorney conference call as soon as everyone has arrived. Once all attendees are
in the conference call, lock it. This will prevent late arrivals as well as lock out any
unauthorized person who might attempt to intrude.

•  Make sure everyone knows that the attorney conference call is confidential. Remind all
participants of the confidential nature of the conference call.

•  Get third party verification of your attorney conference calls' attendance. We
automatically generate attendance reports for every Client Matter Conference call you host.
This can prove attendance should anyone have questions about who was on the call in the

•  Initiate a web conference for sharing visual information. Rather than emailing files, which
is insecure unless encrypted and puts information out in the wild, consider launching a web
conference during your audio conference and sharing the information visually using the
screen-sharing feature.

•  Keep your MP3 recordings securely stored. If you record your attorney conference calls, be
selective about how you store and share the recordings. For example, you may not want to
download and listen to them on a public computer or share them via email.

These security steps are easy to implement, especially if you use a conference calling service
built specifically for the legal profession. Client Matter Conference is designed for the unique
needs of law firms, and we take security as seriously as you do. Sign up for an account

Are your Attorney Conference Calls
While it’s unlikely that spies or hackers are attempting to listen in to your attorney
conference calls, security is still a concern, especially if you use the same access numbers
and PINs for your conference calls. For example, someone may accidentally dial-in,
momentarily invading the privacy of your teleconference.
On the other hand, corporate espionage is a concern - and who knows to what extreme the
other parties in a lawsuit, dispute, divorce, estate, merger, or acquisition may go to in order to
gain the upper hand. Because security and confidentiality are so important to your law
practice, it’s crucial to ask yourself if your attorney conference calls are secure and to take
measures to ensure that they are.
Conference Call Vulnerabilities
Unauthorized users can gain entry to your attorney conference calls in several ways. Below are
just a few examples of how your conference calls could be breached:
They could simply dial in and wait - If you use the same conference access numbers
and PINs for all of your conference calls, someone who has joined previous calls could
randomly dial in and snoop. These snoops could be anyone from a former employee or a
vendor to other attorneys, court reporters, private investigators, activists, reporters, past or
current clients, and so on.
They could intercept an email containing conference calling details - This reportedly
happened to the FBI and Scotland Yard in 2012. While your computer system may be clean
of spyware and malware, once an email leaves your system, it’s no longer under your control.
They might accidentally join an earlier conference call - If you hold back-to-back
conference calls using the same IDs and passcode, some attendees may call in early,
inadvertently joining your call in progress.
Additional Strategies to Secure Attorney Conference
Below are a few easy steps you can take to secure your attorney conference calls:
Use a conference calling service designed specifically for law firms. Client Matter
Conference, for example, is built for the legal profession. We understand the need for
confidentiality and include advanced security features in our pay-as-you-go attorney
conference calling plans.
Request operator assistance to pre-screen attendees. Our operators will be happy to
assist in joining or blocking attendees based on your parameters. For example, you can
provide us with a list of approved attendees. Only those on the list will be allowed to join the
call. Similarly, you can request that the operator remove a participant at any time during your
attorney conference calls.
Request a unique passcode for your attorney conference calls. While it’s helpful to
use the same access numbers, conference IDs, and passcodes for recurring conference
calls with the same attendees, you may want to request a unique passcode for individual
conference calls to ensure their complete privacy. You can do this in advance when making
a reservation or on the fly with an operator’s assistance.
Activate the roll call feature. The roll call feature will tell you exactly who’s on the call at
any given time. Another way to find out who’s on the conference call is to use the live online
conference viewer. You can also use entry and exit announcements to let you know whenever
someone joins or leaves the conference call.

Here at Client Matter Conference, securing your attorney conference calls is one of our top priorities.
Sign up for an account today and see why law firms love us.
Securing Attorney Conference Calls
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