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Why Add Web Conferencing to Attorney Audio
Conference Calls?

Web conferencing adds another dimension to your attorney conference calls. For example,
adding a web conference to your audio conference allows you to:

•  Share your computer screen - Sometimes, it’s simply easier to show rather than tell. Once
everyone’s connected to your attorney web conference, you can share whatever is on your
computer screen including photographic or video evidence, documents, presentations, and

•  Take participants on a guided tour of a website, application, or document - Whether
training your associates how to upload documents to a secure document repository or
sharing surveillance footage that will make or break your case, you can show attendees
exactly what you need to show them as if they were sitting by your side at your desk.

•  See each other face-to-face - Web conferences do not necessarily need to include webcam
images. However, there are times, such as when preparing a witness or interviewing potential
new hires, when being able to see others, their mannerisms, appearance, and body language
is advantageous.
Our attorney conference calls and web conferences are dependable and capable standalone
services, but you can use them together, too.

Web and Audio Conferencing Tips for Attorneys

As with any type of group meeting, your web and audio conference calls should be well

•  Consider writing a formal agenda for the call - This will keep you on track and focused.

•  Prepare your computer before the web conference - Avoid potentially embarrassment or
accidental disclosures by closing out all of your programs, turning off any instant messaging
services that might interfere, and turning off all notifications.

•  Gather your computer-based sources before the conference - In addition to creating a
sanitized desktop environment for sharing with the group, you’ll also want to have everything
that you intend to share ready to go. For example, if you’re sharing a YouTube video, have it
ready. If you will be sharing a PowerPoint presentation, open PowerPoint and load the
presentation. If you’ll be sharing testimony stored in your legal presentation software, load
the file and navigate to the section you intend to share.

•  Set expectations with attendees before the audio / web conference - If your attendees
know that you’ll be sharing important visuals during the attorney conference call, they’ll be
able to plan their attendance accordingly. For example, rather than joining via a smartphone,
they might decide to attend from their desktops where they can see the visuals better on a
large monitor.

Client Matter Conference supports both audio and web-based content during your attorney
conference calls, and our service is loaded with the advanced, purpose-built features
attorneys need - all with no contracts, no monthly minimums, and no surprises.

We think you’ll appreciate the audio and web conferencing services we’ve created. Sign up
for a pay-as-you-go account and experience a better way to collaborate, strategize, and build
your case.
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