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Using Attorney Conference Calls and Web Conferences to
Discuss Legal Ethics

Attorney conference calls and web conferences aren’t just for meeting with clients or internal
stakeholders; they’re also ideal for professional interactions with your legal peers. For
example, you could host attorney conference calls or webinars to discuss legal ethics and
other issues facing the legal profession with other attorneys, paralegals, and law

One topic that’s ripe for discussion involves social media. Is it OK to be “friends” with
judges? How do the rules of professional conduct apply when interacting on blogs, social
media or in forums? What must you disclose? What constitutes a conflict of interest? What
about advertising on social media? What about client comments or testimonials? Do recent
rulings mean you need to re-examine your approach?

That’s a lot of questions for just one topic focused on legal ethics, making hosting periodic
attorney conference calls with your peers an idea you might want to pursue.

Why Host Attorney Conference Calls or Web Conferences?

Why discuss legal ethics and other issues with your peers via attorney conference calls?
Below are a few good reasons to consider it:

Joining a conference call or web conference is much easier than attending a physical
conference or workshop

Rather than hosting one costly conference a year where various topics are discussed, you
could host monthly audio conferences focused on a single topic

Audio conferences are inexpensive and effective

•  Hosting your own attorney conference calls with your peers is a great way to maintain and
build professional relationships

•  You can record your attorney conference calls and web conferences and create a content
library for future reference

•  Those who could not attend the conference at the time it was held can listen in at their

What You Need to Host Attorney Conference Calls

Fortunately, hosting your own attorney conference calls and web conferences is easier than
you may realize. You don’t need special equipment or software with our service.

Simply sign up for a pay-as-you-go account and begin.  Our no-contact attorney
conferencing solution is loaded with the advanced features you expect, and it is purpose-
built for the legal industry.

Whether you use it to discuss legal ethics with your peers or for meeting with clients
remotely, you can be assured of reliable, high quality audio, security and privacy, and easy
operation. Each audio or web conference can be assigned its own unique client matter billing
code so that all of your billable hours are attributed to the appropriate account.

Since you pay for usage only, our attorney conference calling plan adjusts to your needs.

If you have a month or two of non-usage, you don’t pay. Meanwhile, if you’re preparing for a
major case, the service is available without limits.

Law firms love us, and we’re confident you will too.

Try a contract-free, pay-as-you-go attorney conference calling plan and experience our service
for yourself.
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