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Common Types of Law Firm Conference


Thinking about signing up for an attorney conference calling
service but not sure you’d use it enough?

Not only can you sign up for an affordable pay-as-you-go attorney conferencing plan to use
as needed, there are potentially dozens of situations where your law firm could benefit from
audio and web conferences. To give you a better idea of how conference calling can fit into
your firm’s communications strategy, check out some of the more common types of law firm
conference calls below:

•  Attorney-client conference calls - One of the first types of conference calls for law firms
that comes to mind is an audio conference between attorneys, associates, legal assistants,
and clients. While you could bring everyone together in person in your firm’s conference
room, you could also just as easily have the same conversation in a group audio call. In fact,
a high quality audio conference call is often easier for everyone involved as there’s no need
to travel.

•  Internal conference calls - Your law firm can also use attorney conference calls to
communicate internally. For example, if you and the other partners need to meet, but finding
a time when everyone is in the same city makes doing so a challenge, consider coming
together in a group audio call or web conference.

•  Community outreach / client prospecting conference calls - Holding informative conference
calls or web conferences with the general public is a great way to showcase your expertise
and attract new clients to your law firm. For example, if you’re an immigration attorney, you
could hold a recurring conference call where you answer immigration questions. Not only will
this get you in front of potential clients, you can record your conference calls and place the
recordings in a public “content library” where other potential clients can listen to them.

•  Audio depositions - It’s not always practical to hold depositions in person, and audio
conferencing has become an accepted substitute. If you have an out-of-state, or out-of-
country, witness, using attorney conference calls for the deposition is an affordable, user-
friendly choice for all parties.

•  Conference calls for mediation - You could also host mediation proceedings using attorney
conference calls. These audio calls could be used in conjunction with in-person mediation
meetings. For example, if you have a mediation scheduled in person in the upcoming week
but would like some time with your clients and partners beforehand, a conference call could
be beneficial.

•  Attorney conferencing for settlements and negotiations - Whether preparing to settle a
case or negotiating a merger or acquisition, bringing the appropriate parties together in a
group audio call or web conference is an effective alternative to in-person meetings. Again,
you can use attorney conference calls to prepare for the more formal in-person meeting, or
the conference call may even be used as a substitute for meeting in person.

•  Conference calling with opposing counsel and judges - What if new evidence necessitates a
meeting with opposing counsel and the judge? While you could wait until the next scheduled
court date, an attorney conference call may be a more effective option. There is some
protocol to follow when involving judges, and you’ll want to make sure that ALL parties are

•  Long distance interviews - Attorney conference calls are also helpful when prescreening or
interviewing expert witnesses, interns, legal assistants, and job candidates living in another
city, state, or country.

These are but a few of the many types of attorney conference calls. The more you use audio
and web conferences in your law firm, the more you’ll see their potential. Best of all, with a
pay-as-you-go attorney conference calling plan, you’ll never feel as though you must hold
conference calls in order to get your money’s worth. Simply use as needed and pay only for
the time you spend in attorney conference calls or web conferences.
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