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InterCall Conference Call Service vs. Client Matter Conference
InterCall Legal Conference Compared
Intercall legal conference, or LegalConnect as it’s called, is a legal teleconference service based
in the United Kingdom.

Many international law firms have a UK presence and use Intercall legal conference service
plans to conduct their voice, video, and web conferences like legal hearings or court conference
call. Intercall legal conference also offers various support for international participants.

Differences between Intercall Legal Conference and Client Matter Conference
Though the Intercall legal conference brand, LegalConnect, appears to target firms in Europe,
InterCall itself maintains its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and the company operates around
the world.

Client Matter Conference caters to US-based law firms who need a convenient and affordable
way to conduct audio and web conferences. We currently serve attorneys, court reporters, legal
assistants, and other legal professionals in the United States and Canada.

Regional differences aside, how do Intercall legal conference and Client Matter Conference
compare? If you’re looking for a legal teleconference service in the United States, you owe it to
yourself to take a good hard look at Client Matter Conference.

Here’s why:

•  We’re US-based and easy to do business with

•  Our legal teleconferencing and web conferencing services are offered with no contract

•  Our plans are loaded with advanced features including unlimited recordings and a one-page
portal where you can create and customize conference rooms instantly

•  You'll find our rates are among the lowest, if not the lowest

•  Our sound quality is crystal clear, every time

•  We use the same teleconferencing bridging technology as AT&T conferencing

•  Client Matter Conference is purpose built for the legal industry

In addition to the above, we make it easy to find our rates, use our legal conferencing services,
and sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan. In contrast, Intercall legal conference’s rates are hard to
find. It looks like you must first sign up for a plan, albeit a contract-free one like ours, before you
even know if the service is competitively priced.

Stepping away from Intercall legal conference and examining Intercall’s general business
conferencing solutions for US businesses, you’ll see that their pay-as-you-go rates are higher
than Client Matter Conference’s rates by about 30 percent, and the maximum number of
participants is a paltry 125 (we support up to 400 participants).

If you’re looking for a lower per minute price with Intercall, they do offer good per minute rates
for up to 10 or 25 participants, but you’ll pay a monthly fee to get those rates.

Here at Client Matter Conference, we like to keep our legal teleconference and web conference
service simple:

•  Low per minute rates

•  Exceptional quality

•  Easy to use, one page portal

We know that your area of expertise is the law, and you likely lack the time or patience to fiddle
with technology. You simply want teleconferencing and web conferencing solutions that work
without a lot of configuring.

We provide you with the affordable, easy to use solution for hosting depositions, mediations,
court conferences, meetings, collaborations, legal hearings, and other communications in a
telephone or web conference. Simply launch the portal, create a conference room instantly, and

In fact, many of our customers have told us they keep the Client Matter Conference portal open
all day long for even easier access. Our portal becomes a vital communications tool as you go
about your day. And, it continues working for you all month long by keeping a tally of each
conference call you make by client, attorney, department, or any other criteria you assign.

Since Client Matter Conference is made specifically for attorneys, you’ll appreciate the details
like enhanced security and privacy options, unlimited conference recordings, content libraries,
automated conference call reports, moderator dial-out, operator assistance, and client matter
billing codes. Whether you need to connect a judge into a court conference call or ensure that
your clients are properly billed for all of your time spent in legal hearings, Client Matter
Conference can make that happen with ease.

Which Legal Conferencing Service is Right for You - Intercall Legal Teleconference or Client
Matter Conference?

Intercall legal conference and Client Matter Conference are both tried-and-true legal
conferencing services, and either can be an excellent choice for a law firm. However, there are a
few extenuating circumstances to consider:

•  If you’re looking for a legal teleconference service for a one-time court conference call in the
United States, Client Matter Conference is probably the better choice as our pay-as-you-go
service is both cheap and high quality with all of the advanced features a legal professional
needs - all without a contract.

•  If you’re looking for a legal teleconference service for ongoing audio and web conferences, we
believe that Client Matter Conference is the far better choice. Our rates and features are
amazing, there’s no contract, and everything we do is focused on YOUR industry.

•  If you’re looking for a legal teleconference service in the United Kingdom, France, or Germany,
at this point in time, Intercall LegalConnect is probably the way to go, though other companies
may be vying for your business in Europe.

Try Client Matter Conference
Would you give Client Matter Conference a try? Every legal or court conference call you make
with our service is billed at our low pay-as-you-go rate, which is 6.9 cents per minute per

There are no monthly fees, no surprise fees, and no minimum usage fees. If you don’t use our
service, you don’t pay for it; it’s as simple as that. You can cancel at any time or leave your
account as-is until you need it. Simply sign up for an account and then use our legal
teleconference service, web conferencing and screen sharing as needed.
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