Legal Conference Calls with Counsel Participating

Just about any case you work on will have its fair share of logistical challenges. You’ll have strategies to devise, clients to meet with, research and discovery to conduct, experts to interview, depositions to hold, court records to pull, hearings and settlement meetings to attend, and more - and doesn’t even count actually going to trial. Some of these challenges can be overcome with legal conference calls - including with counsel from one or both sides participating.

Why Host an Attorney Conference Call and Invite Opposing Counsel?

Perhaps it’s simply the path of least resistance due to hectic schedules on everyone’s part. Maybe your conference room is too small to comfortable accommodate a larger group, or perhaps it’s already booked. Hosting a legal conference call with counsel from the other side participating in these situations is a practical choice that can bring everyone together and minimize the hassles of meeting in person. You could even host a civil motions hearing in a group audio call with opposing counsel and the judge present if necessary.

However, there’s another good reason you might want to host an audio conference: the audio conference room is a neutral environment. Attorneys from all sides can call into the conference call from their own law offices, with neither having the home field advantage.

Why Invite Counsel from Your Office to Join You in a Legal Conference Call?
It may seem silly to host an attorney conference call with co-counsel when you see each other routinely in and out of the office. However, hosting an audio call may be an effective alternative that frees you from meeting in person. Since everyone can join the audio conference from any location, scheduling an audio conference may be the most flexible option available. Sure, some of you may be in the same building, but one might join the conference during a break at the courthouse.

Advantages of Legal Audio Conference Calls

Hosting a legal audio conference call is easy, and it provides you with a lot of options. Some of the advantages of hosting legal conference calls include:

•  Less wasted time
•  Less travel
•  The ability to focus on the task at hand no matter where you are and without special equipment
•  The ability to record your conversations for later review

In addition to hosting attorney conference calls with counsel participating, you could extend your current call to other parties as needed. For example, if you realize that one of your partners should be involved in a given discussion, you could pause the conference call briefly and then manually dial the other partner. Once connected, you could then join the partner into your attorney conference call.

These are but a few of the many different ways you could use an attorney conference calling service to communicate with opposing and co-counsel. Try Client Matter Conference, a pay-as-you-go legal conferencing service build specifically for the legal industry. There are no contracts to sign. Simply pay for the conference calls you make with no minimums and no surprise fees.

Using Attorney Conference Calls to Coordinate Case Strategy

Depending on the case, your litigation team could grow quite large both with attorneys from within your organization and outside of it. For example, you may have several attorneys from your law firm handling the case in conjunction with your client’s in-house counsel, insurance adjusters, and consultants. With a team this large, chances are, members of the litigation team are scattered across the United States.

One of the best ways to coordinate case strategy with a large group of attorneys, adjusters, and consultants from different offices is to host attorney conference calls and/or web conferences. In fact, you’ll probably want to take advantage of both mediums, and plan on doing so on a regular basis as you strategize.

When to Use Audio Conference Calls for Case Strategizing Sessions
Generally speaking, audio conference calls are the easiest option. Your attorneys, adjusters, and consultants already have all the equipment needed: a phone. They can join your attorney conference calls from any phone, anywhere. There are no special skills required, either. Simply dial a phone number, enter a passcode, and begin collaborating on the case.

Audio conference calls can also be recorded so you can refer back to the discussion after the fact. If desired, you could share these recordings with your conference call’s participants or send them off to your favorite transcription service to be transcribed.

Our attorney conference calls can be secured to ensure privacy, and you can easily enter a client matter billing code so that your client is billed for your time. Whether you want to host a one-time attorney conference call or recurring ones, Client Matter Conference makes it easy.

Audio conference calls are ideal for:

•  Getting acquainted with the litigation team
•  Case strategizing sessions
•  Weekly status updates
•  Brainstorming

When to Use Web Conferences for Case Strategizing Sessions

Web conferences can also be used for your case strategy planning sessions. However, their web-based, visual nature makes them best suited for sessions where multimedia is desired. Web conferences also require that the participants have some sort of Internet access. This is usually not an issue, but could be a problem for participants who must join your conferences while away from their offices.

Attorney web conferences are ideal when:

•  You have information that you need to share during the group audio conference such as files or photos
•  When the conference requires view a video or presentation
•  When you want to use a whiteboard tool during your meetings

As with our attorney conference calls, your attorney web conferences are secure, can be recorded and assigned client matter billing codes, and can be scheduled on the fly or on a recurring basis.

Whether you have a litigation team of three or have dozens of participants who need to be involved, our pay-as-you-go attorney conferencing service can make it happen in private, secure audio and web conferences. Though packed with advanced features, the technology stays out of the way so that you and your legal team can get to work.

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Our client matter billing feature supports the existing codes created by your firms billing software.  These codes are unique to the lawyer, the lawyer’s client and the client’s unique case.

As a conference room for the particular lawyer/client/case is created on your account dashboard, (exe above) the client matter billing code is entered under the “Special Value” field.  This code is tracked on all call summary emails and all reports.

At the end of each month our self-help website allows you to select all conference calls sorted by “Special Value (Client Matter Billing code)” and downloaded directly as a spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet can then be sent to your billing department to help produce your client invoices.

The cost per minute that we charge you, the account owner, is easily adjusted to a higher rate that is rebilled to the Law Firm’s clients, thereby creating a profit center for all conference calls.

Law Firm Conferencing Profit Center

Law Firm Conferencing Profit Center
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