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How to Take Depositions via Conference Call

Hosting attorney conference calls with clients, partners, and your peers is easy, affordable,
and convenient, but did you know you can also use your conference calling service to take a
deposition? Like traditional audio conferences, using a conference call for a deposition
saves everyone involved time and hassles. Here’s what you need to know for a smooth audio-
based deposition.

Make sure you are 100 percent comfortable with your attorney conferencing service. Try a
few traditional audio conference calls with your colleagues before hosting a deposition.
While our service is easy to use from the get-go, you’ll be better able to focus on the
deposition with some experience using the service.

Use the MP3 recording feature.
You’ll have a court reporter on the call who will handle all court reporting and transcription
duties. However, it’s helpful to make your own recording of the call so you have a record you
can refer to while you’re waiting for the official transcript of the deposition. Our attorney
conference call service includes unlimited recordings, so take advantage of it.

Let the deponent know what to expect.
For those being deposed, the entire process is overwhelming. This could be their first time,
and they are likely nervous. Sending them a quick email with call-in instructions and an
overview of what to expect can help. Let them know the basics of the deposition process as
you normally would, such as swearing in and the questioning process, and include a brief
description of how your conference calling system works. For example, they’ll just need to
call in from any phone and enter a passcode. Recommend that they do so in a quiet, private
environment. You may want to mention who else will be on the call such as any of your
associates or a court reporter.

Invite all appropriate parties to the attorney conference call for the deposition.
With our service, you can preschedule your conference calls or hold them on the fly. Most
deposition conference calls will be prescheduled due to their nature. Typical attendees
include the deponent, the deponent’s attorney, the opposing attorney, and the court reporter.

Confirm attendance and secure your deposition conference call. Once everyone is on the line,
do a quick roll call to confirm attendance. The court reporter will also take attendance for
the record. You should also visually confirm attendance by viewing the live conference call
viewer online to make sure there’s no one lurking. This helps ensure that only those you’ve
invited are present. Once confirmed, lock the conference to keep others from joining the call
in progress.

Conduct the deposition much as you would in person.
The actual deposition process is essentially the same whether in person or over the phone.
However, everyone should state their name before speaking to make sure the record is crystal
clear as to who’s being deposed.

Hosting depositions via attorney conference calls is an alternative method that brings all of
the parties together in a private group audio call. Consider using a conference call when an
in-person deposition may be impractical.
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