Client Matter Conference - FAQ
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Questions and answers about Client Matter Conference service

Frequently Asked Questions about Attorney Conference Call Services.
Client Matter Conference - FAQ
What type of technology does this service use?
Our system utilizes bridges from the world market leader in audio conferencing Avaya.
Can I control a conference call with both my cell phone and office phone?
Yes by using the included keypad commands. If you are holding a conference call on the road from your cell phone or from your landline, you will be able to dial-out to bring in the judge or anyone into your call, you can mute all lines except yours, and you can secure the conference and stop further entries. All with simple keypad commands. These are sent to you upon account activation.
How will I know who is on the call?
You can enter a keypad command and hear a roster of participant names during the conference.
Can I control the conference from my web conference dashboard?
Yes you have full control when using web conferencing. Such as, placing attendees into a sub-conference room, click to remove an attendee.
Recording and MP3 downloads
Free recordings can either be played back while in a conference call or retrieved in MP3 format.
Can we use the codes already used by our own accounting department?
Our client matter billing feature supports using the existing codes created by your firms billing software.
How can I sort by billing code to prepare for billing?
At the end of each month our self-help website allows you to select all conference calls sorted by “Special Value (Client Matter Billing code)” and download directly as a spreadsheet.
What is sent to me upon account activation?
Upon activation you'll receive your passcodes, access number, customer portal link and user friendly guide.
Where do I enter the client/matter codes?
When you set up a conference room for a particular lawyer using your account portal, a client/matter/case ID can be entered in the “Special Value” field.
Can I set up a conference room to automatically ask the attendee to say their name and announce it?
Yes, the conference room set up has a check box that says, "Should people record their name when they enter". Simply check that box.
Is the service suitable for depositions?
Yes, because it’s not always practical to hold depositions in person, and audio conferencing has become an accepted substitute. If you have an out-of-state, or out-of-country, witness, using attorney conference calls for the deposition is an affordable, user-friendly choice for all parties.
Can we use it for long distance interviews?
Yes, attorney conference calls are also helpful when prescreening or interviewing expert witnesses, interns, legal assistants, and job candidates living in another city, state, or country.
Can we set up a conference room for internal conferencing?
Yes your law firm can also use attorney conference calls to communicate internally. For example, if you and the other partners need to meet, but finding a time when everyone is in the same city makes doing so a challenge, consider coming together in a group audio call or web conference.
Can we record immigration conference calls?
Yes, this is especially helpful if you use immigration attorney conference calls to answer questions about immigration law.
Can we use the service to provide On Topic conference calls for public relations purposes?
Yes conference calls are a good way to share your expertise with a wide audience, helping the general public and generating goodwill with prospective clients.
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