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Using Attorney Conference Calls for Depositions

In many cases, holding a deposition at your law firm isn’t
practical. Perhaps the deponent lives in another state or is
on an extended trip outside of the country.

Maybe the deponent is injured or too ill to travel. Whatever the case may be, attorney
conference calls can be an excellent medium for conducting depositions.

•  Choose a secure and reliable attorney conference calling service. First, you’ll need a user-
friendly, high quality audio conferencing service that everyone will be comfortable using.
Security is also important due to the sensitive nature of these attorney conference calls.
Audio quality is paramount, and should be your top priority when choosing a service provider
for your attorney conference calls. After all, the court reporter will need to hear the testimony
in order to accurately transcribe it. Likewise, if you intend to play the audio file back in court,
you want it to be crystal clear for the jury.

For attendees, joining the conference should be as simple as making a phone call and enter a
numeric passcode. You can even bypass this requirement by calling participants directly and
joining them to your conference at the appointed time.
•  Practice using your attorney conference calls before holding your first audio-based
deposition. It’s easy to make and manage attorney conference calls using our service.
However, it’s smart to be familiar with the features available to you and know how to use
them. For example, once everyone has joined the call, you’ll want to lock the call to ensure
that no one else joins without your knowledge. Learning how to do this in advance will make
it easy.

•  Collaborate with the court reporter. Most court reporters have their own audio recording
systems but some may appreciate receiving a MP3 audio recording of the conference call if
it’s available. Before the deposition, let the court reporter know that your attorney
conferencing solution includes unlimited audio. If nothing else, your recording could serve as
a backup should the court reporter’s audio recording equipment malfunction.

•  Schedule your deposition and conference call. While there’s no reservation required to host
attorney conference calls on our service, for practical matters, you’ll want to preschedule the
deposition and conference call. Once scheduled, distribute the call details to all attendees so
that they can join the call at the appropriate time.

•  Do a quick roll call at the beginning of the deposition. This is helpful both from a security
perspective and to ensure that everyone that needs to join has in fact joined the conference.
For late arrivals, consider dialing them directly and joining them to the call once they answer.

•  Receive an auto-generated attendance report after the call. We send you a report after
your attorney conference calls detailing everyone who was on the call along with any billing
codes you may have entered. This is helpful from both a client billing perspective and for
your records. You can also share this report with the court reporter or include it in your legal
case management software if desired.

Our attorney conference calling service is ideal for holding depositions with its crystal clear
connections, unlimited audio recordings, unlimited participants, advanced features, client
matter billing fields, online reports and account management tools, and pay-as-you-go
pricing. Sign up for an account today.
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