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Deposition Conference Call Hosting
Deposition Conference Calls
Deposition conference call hosting offers attorneys, deponents, court reporters, and other interested parties a more convenient way to attend a deposition.

Rather than booking a conference room, traveling across town, and meeting in person, everyone dials into a conference call from any phone or device.

Deposition Conference Call Hosting Benefits offers many benefits to everyone involved. Below are some of the more common benefits:

No special equipment needed
Audio deposition conference calls can be conducted using equipment most everyone already owns: a telephone.
If you prefer video, you can combine our audio conferencing and web conferencing services. Again, most everyone owns a computer with a webcam these days, so there’s no need for anyone to purchase equipment.

Time savings
Since everyone can join the conference call from their own offices or homes, there’s no need to travel to a distant law office or conference room.

Everyone saves on travel time, both ways. In addition, deposition conference calls are more likely to start on time since traffic jams, parking, and other related issues won’t interfere.

While some deposition conferencing solutions require participants to travel to a videoconferencing / meeting room site (which wipes out any time savings or convenience), our deposition conference calling services are conducted over each parties’ own telephone, tablet, or computer in the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Whether you’re an attorney, court reporter, or deponent, audio or video deposition conference calls are a convenient alternative to in-person depositions.

If it’s an audio-only conference call, it’s not even necessary to dress up for the occasion. You could wear jeans and a t-shirt and no one would question your credibility based on your attire.

If it’s a video conference call, you’ll want to dress the part, but won’t need to drive across town.

Broader reach
Deposition conference call hosting isn't just convenient, it also broadens your reach and can overcome logistical issues. For example, it may be difficult or costly to depose an expert witness located in another state or country, in which case you might opt not to do it.

Coordinating a deposition conference call
It is much easier than making travel arrangements, allowing you to broaden your reach in a cost-effective manner.

Built-in recording
Recording is built into our service, so there’s no need to hire someone to record the deposition. That’s fewer people and equipment to deal with and no additional videography costs.

In addition, while deponents will be aware that the conference call is being recorded, conference call recording is less obtrusive than a camera crew and court reporter and less likely to make them nervous or self-conscious.

Happier witnesses
Let’s face it, no one likes being deposed. Not only is being questioned by an attorney under oath inherently uncomfortable, it often means taking a lot of unpaid time off from work to travel to and from the site and give testimony.

Deposition conference calls minimize personal disruption, helping witnesses to feel better about the process and its impact on their personal lives.

Clear connections and toll-free access
Our deposition conference calls are accessible via a toll-free number over our high-quality telecommunications network with exceptional reliability.

Audio quality is outstanding, ensuring that all questions and testimony are crystal clear so that your court reporter can accurately capture it.

Client matter accounting
Keep your accountant happy by coding each deposition conference call with the corresponding client matter number.

Hosting deposition conference calls is easier and more accessible than you may realize. We designed it that way so you can focus on depositions rather than logistics.

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