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Save Time and Money with Court Conference Calls

Court conference calls have been a staple for many law firms for good reason: they’re
convenient; they allow you to accomplish a great deal without having to leave the office;
and they can save your firm both time and money.

Here’s how you can save both time and money by using Client Matter Conference for all of
your attorney conference calls.

How Hosting Your Own Attorney Conference Calls Can Save
You Time

If you’re accustomed to holding client meetings and depositions in your law firm’s
conference room, you may not think that an audio conference would save all that much
time. After all, your clients arrive, you meet with them, and then you go back about your

However, you may spend some time visiting with them before the meeting. Even 10 to 15
minutes can cut into your schedule. Likewise, you might feel the need to entertain them
afterward by taking them out to lunch. Suddenly a 30-minute meeting stretches into several
hours. Plus, collectively, everyone involved has spent more time than expected - and that
doesn’t count travel time getting to your office.

Now, what if you had to travel to your client’s for the meeting? That could add an hour or
more each way. If your clients are located in another city, you’d have to take a full day or
more to attend the meeting.

By using attorney conference calls, you can eliminate all of the extra time before and after
the meeting itself. Simply schedule the audio conference, dial in at the appointed time, and
hold the meeting. Once the attorney conference call is over, hang up and go about your day.
You could even record the conference call and email the recording to your favorite legal
support agency to get it transcribed.

Hosting Court Conference Calls Can Save You Money

As the saying goes, time is money. Not only can you eliminate costly non-billable hours from
your schedule by holding attorney conference calls instead of sitting in traffic, you can make
sure that every minute spent in the conference call is tracked and billed accordingly. With
our attorney conferencing service, you can assign client matter billing codes to every court
conference call you hold.

By hosting an attorney conference call instead of bringing clients into your office, you’ll save
money on entertainment too. After all, if they’re not physically present, there’s no need to
feed them or take them out to lunch.

Finally, there’s no need for anyone to travel in order to participate in your attorney conference
calls. Thus, there are no airfare, hotel, rental car, meals, or parking costs incurred.

Signing up for a Client Matter Conference account can save you money, too. Not only are our
rates competitive, our service is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. If you don’t host any
conference calls whatsoever during a given month, you don’t pay. There are no contracts, no
monthly fees, and no minimum usage requirements. Simply pay as you go and bill your
clients accordingly.
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