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The Client Matter Conference Difference

Audio Conferencing & Web

Attorneys and law firms have used audio conferences for decades for good reason: they’re an
effective way to collaborate, negotiate, strategize, and gather information with a group.
Whether you intend to use audio conference calls for depositions, case planning sessions,
contract or settlement negotiations, prescreening expert witnesses, or any other legal matter,
Client Matter Conference stands out from other audio conferencing solutions for several
important reasons.

•  Our audio conferencing service is purpose built for the law profession.

•  We have audio conferencing features that count such as superior audio quality, client
matter billing, toll free access numbers, unlimited MP3 recordings at no extra cost, and
secured conference calling options.

•  Our advanced features are easy to use and get out of the way so that you can focus on
holding an effective meeting.

•  Our pay-as-you-go audio conferencing pricing model and competitive rates keep your costs

•  We make it easy to bill your clients for time spent in conference calls.

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•  We offer phenomenal support. Not only are our operators available 24/7, we’ll transfer your
existing conference rooms over to our service as well as provide free training so you can get
the most out of your attorney conference calls.

•  You can extend your conversation to the web with our web conferencing tools.
Attorney Conference Call Types

We support virtually any type of attorney conference call you may want to hold including:

•  Audio conferences of virtually any size. You can hold large conference calls with more than
400 attendees if desired.

•  Sub-conferences. During any conference call, smaller groups can branch off into sub-
conferences. Meanwhile, you retain full control over the call.

•  Lecture only conference calls. Is your conference informational in nature, such as an
opinion on a recent ruling? Hosting a lecture only conference call means that only the
designated speaker is heard. All other attendees are in listen only mode. Their lines are muted
to ensure ambient noise is kept to a minimum.

•  Group audio conference calls. As the moderator of any audio conference call, you can
mute and unmute callers at will. For example, you might start the call in lecture only mode
and then open up the call for a question and answer session. You could also conduct the call
with all lines open for a roundtable discussion.

•  Recurring conference calls. Want to meet with your partners every week? Host a standing
conference call where potential clients call in with their questions about your practice area?
Schedule a recurring conference call is easy with Client Matter Conference.

•  Secured conference calls. Restrict access to your attorney conference calls by enabling
pass-code security. Additional options to ensure the security of your call include roll call,
entry and exit announcements, and automatic attendance reports generated immediately
following the call.

We’ve Built the Most Reliable, User-Friendly Audio Conferencing Service for Attorneys
Because Every Minute Counts

We know how busy attorneys are, which is why we’ve developed our attorney conferencing
service on the most reliable, high quality telecommunications networks. Our audio
conferencing tools are easy to use, readily available when you need them and out of the way
when you don’t.

Offered with no contracts, no monthly fees, and competitive per minute rates, there’s no risk
in trying us. Sign up for an account to day and experience - and hear - the Client Matter
Conference difference.
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