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Host Civil Motions Hearings via an Audio

Judges, attorneys, and court reporters alike have hectic work schedules and caseloads,
making audio conferencing a real time-saver. One area where audio conferencing makes a lot
of sense is during pre-trial proceedings such as civil motions. Not only can the attorneys
present their oral arguments to the judge in a private and secure audio conference, the court
reporter can record and transcribe the conference just as easily as if he or she were
physically present. Use the tips below to host civil motions hearings via audio conferences.

Determine Who Will Host the Audio Conference
Has the judge hinted at or suggested holding the civil motions hearing via audio conference?
Making it happen is easy (more on that below), but someone needs to take charge - why not

Use Our Pay-As-You-Go Attorney Conferencing Service
Purpose-built for the legal profession, our pay-as-you-go audio conferencing service is user-
friendly, secure, and loaded with the tools you need to conduct a professional audio

Invite All Appropriate Attendees and Include Instructions
For example, you may want to have the court reporter join the call a few minutes early to
ensure everything is in order from a technical standpoint. It's also common to direct dial the
judge. More than just a professional courtesy, having the judge be the last to join the call
avoids the potential for ex parte.

Record the Conference Call
While the court reporter will likely record the call as part of the court reporting process, it
doesn't hurt to have your own MP3 recording of the conversation. This can serve as a
working copy until the official transcript has been produced. Make sure everyone knows that
an audio recording is also being made in addition to the court reporter's transcript.

Secure the Conference Call
Once everyone has joined the conference call, lock it. This is a simple matter of pressing a
key on your phone's keypad (or pressing a button using our online interface). By locking the
attorney conference call, you can ensure that no one else can join the call - even if they have
the access number and passcode.

Assign a Client Matter Accounting Code to the Audio Conference
One of our most popular features is the ability to assign client matter billing codes to each
attorney conference call you host. We'll track the length and cost of the call and generate
month-end reports detailing all client matter billing for your accounting department. Keeping
track of billable hours associated with conference calls has never been so easy!

Hosting civil motions hearings in an attorney conference call is an excellent alternative to in-
person hearings, and it's relatively easy to do. All you need is a reliable, high quality attorney
conferencing service such as Client Matter Conference and a few minutes to schedule the
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