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The Flexibility of Attorney Conference Calls: Depositions and

The ability to host your own attorney conference calls opens the door to a variety of audio and
web-based meetings, saving you time and money in the process.

There are any number of conference call types suitable for law firms. One of the most common
involves audio depositions.

With audio-based depositions, everyone, including the deposed, court reporter, and attorneys for
both sides simply dials a phone number and enters a PIN to join the conference call. Our pay-as-
you-go attorney conferencing service provides secure, high quality audio conferences with
advanced features such as roll call and unlimited call recordings. If you need to share files or
refer to exhibits during the audio conference, you could even incorporate web conferencing into
the deposition.

Even within this one segment of attorney conference calls, there are several sub-types. Below are
just a few of the many different types of deposition conference calls you can host:

•  Malpractice
Handling a malpractice case? Whether you need to depose a physician, patient, or expert
witness, if the individual is located more than a few hours away, holding an audio conference
call for the deposition makes a lot of sense.

•  Toxic torts
Toxic tort cases often involve large numbers of litigants, making obtaining individual
depositions logistically challenging. Many of the plaintiffs may live thousands of miles away.
While you could travel across the country or fly plaintiffs to your law office, doing so on a large
scale is costly, time-consuming, and draining. Hosting an attorney conference call allows you to
conduct these depositions remotely, allowing you to spend your time wisely.

•  Class actions
Class actions pose a similar challenge. In fact, you may have even more individuals involved
scattered even further geographically. Using audio conference calls for depositions frees you
from travel and allows you to accomplish the same tasks. You can also use your audio
conference calling service to prescreen expert witnesses before the case goes to trial.

•  Personal injury
Depending on the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, traveling to your law office for a deposition
could be a major burden. In some cases, the injured party could still be hospitalized or in a
skilled nursing facility. By holding the deposition in an attorney conference call, you can obtain
the testimony without causing additional stress. You can also use attorney conference calls for
personal injury depositions involving the other parties in the case, not just the injured party.

•  Product liability
With a product liability case, you may need to depose engineers, designers, and expert witnesses
located far from your law office. Holding these depositions remotely in a group audio
conference allows you to obtain testimony without extensive travel. This is convenient and
flexible for you and your team as well as for everyone else involved. By using our pay-as-you-go
attorney conference calling service, you can even tag your audio depositions with the
appropriate client matter billing code so that your accounting office knows exactly how to bill
for your time.

•  Civil litigation
No matter what the lawsuit involves, chances are good that you could get the same results by
holding audio depositions rather than requiring in-person ones. Doing so provides you with
flexibility and saves you from having to travel. The individuals involved may be less stressed
when calling from their own environments rather than being deposed in a law office. Meanwhile,
everyone can call in at the appointed time without running late due to traffic or parking issues.

While you’ll likely have many depositions that you’d prefer to conduct in person, you’ll also have
plenty where attorney conference calls are the perfect solution. Try Client Matter Conference the
next time you realize that an audio deposition makes the most sense.
Flexibility of Attorney Conference Calls: Depositions and Beyond
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