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Attorney Conference Call Etiquette and


When it comes to attorney conference calls, there’s a right and wrong way to
go about them.

Use the tips below to ensure that your attorney conference calls follow the correct protocol
while also being efficient, ethical, and easy to participate in.

•  Secure your attorney conference calls. This is crucial in ensuring privacy and
confidentiality. Your conferencing service provider should have tools like PIN numbers, call
locks, and verbal roll calls that ensure that only those you’ve invited to the call can

•  Inform and instruct participants. Let everyone know if you will be recording the attorney
conference call and how that recording will be used. Provide instructions, such as how to
mute the line when not speaking, to everyone so that they can follow them accordingly. If you
have any other expectations or requirements, let participants know at the time you invite them
and then again at the beginning of the meeting.

•  Gather all parties before calling the judge or other VIP. If a judge or another VIP will be
participating in the phone call, make sure to gather all the other participants in the attorney
conference call before dialing the judge and joining him or her into the call. This is a sign of
respect and ensures that the judge will not be left waiting for the call to begin.

•  Be early. As the host of the conference call, call in several minutes before you expect your
attendees to join. A quick, polite greeting is all that’s necessary as early participants join the
call. If any key participants have not joined the call on time, use the dial-out function of your
attorney conferencing service to manually call and join them into your conference call.

•  Be prepared. You should have a clear agenda for the call as well as have all of your
questions and key points prepared. As the conference call host, you will be expected to keep
the call on track.

•  Be the example. As the host of the call, you also set the example. If you want everyone to
state their name before they speak, you’ll have much better luck if you do the same before you

•  Speak clearly and in plain English. Since no one can see you, they may have difficulty
understanding what you’re saying. They may be unfamiliar with acronyms and jargon as well.
Speak as clearly as possible and avoid the use of terms that may be unfamiliar.

•  Use muting tools. Not only should you mute your own phone line when you’re not speaking,
have your assistant use the live conference viewer to monitor and mute other callers’ lines.
Ideally, each person will have muted their own lines after speaking, but this doesn’t always
happen. By monitoring the call, you can mute lines individually as needed. For example, if you
hear a barking dog on one of the attendees’ phones, you or your assistant can easily mute it.

•  Start and end the call promptly. Finally, do your best to manage time so that your attorney
conference calls both start and end on time. Attendees will appreciate your attention to detail
and will be more likely to participate in future conference calls with you because they know
you run them well.
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