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Preparing for Attorney Conference Calls

Whether hosting your own attorney conference calls or participating in an audio conference
organized by someone else, the more prepared you are, the better. Use the tips below for more
productive attorney conference calls.

When You’re the Conference Host

As the host of an attorney conference call, you’ll need to:

•  Prepare an agenda for the call - As you prepare the agenda for the teleconference, consider
the purpose of the call, the call’s time constraints, who will be present on the call, and what
type of information is best suited for an audio discussion. If you need to share files, consider
sharing them when you distribute the agenda or using web conferencing tools in conjunction
with your audio conference.

Set time limits for each agenda item and schedule a few minutes toward the end of the call
for any overflow questions or discussions.

•  Determine whether the attorney conference call needs to be recorded - Our attorney
conferencing service includes an unlimited amount of audio recording, taking limits out of
the equation. If you intend to record the conference call, make sure you know how to initiate
the recording and be sure to let all participants know that the conference call is being

•  Schedule the attorney conference call - Use your online dashboard to schedule the audio
conference call. This is a good time to enter any client billing codes that may apply. That
way, you’ll be able to bill the client for your time on the call.

•  Invite attendees and distribute the agenda - When you invite attendees to your attorney
conference calls, consider attaching the agenda to the invitation. Not only are you well
prepared for the call, they’ll have that opportunity as well once they know what’s going to be
discussed. Make sure everyone has the conference call dial-in details including the access
number and PIN.

•  Let your clients know what to expect - If your clients will be participating in the conference
call, brief them beforehand so that they are comfortable with the medium and know what to

•  Choose a quiet location for participating in the conference call - Is your law firm
undergoing an office remodel? If so, you may want to call in from home or an alternate
location so that the construction noise doesn’t interfere with the conference call. Consider
using a quality headset rather than a speakerphone to ensure that you can hear everyone
clearly and vice versa.

•  Call into the audio conference early - Dial in a few minutes before the call is scheduled to
start so that you can greet attendees as they arrive.

•  Use the roll call feature to see who’s in attendance and who has not yet arrived - If a key
person has not yet joined your attorney conference call, consider calling him or her directly
using the moderator dial-out feature.

For the attendee

As an attendee, you should also prepare for the call. Ask the moderator for a copy of the
agenda if one hasn’t been distributed already. If an agenda is not available, ask for
clarification about your role in the conference call (if it’s not already clear). For example, if a
corporate client wants you to participate in a manager’s meeting, do they need you to
present something or merely observe and weigh in with a legal opinion as needed?

You’ll also want to call in a few minutes early to ensure that if there are any technical issues,
you can still join the conference call on time. Again, choose a quiet location for the
conference call.

Spending some time preparing for your attorney conference calls will help ensure that your
conferences go as planned.
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