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Using Attorney Conference Calls as a Public Service

From estate planning, immigration law, intellectual property rights, medical malpractice to
contract law, mergers and acquisitions, and every practice area in between, your expertise in
your chosen field is highly valued. At the same time, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. As
an expert in your field, you could share your expertise with the general public via weekly,
monthly, or quarterly attorney conference calls.

Why Use Attorney Conference Calls to Share Your Expertise?
Using attorney conference calls as a public service allows you to dispel common
misconceptions, provide accurate information via Q&A sessions, generate some publicity for
your law firm, and spread goodwill.

Here’s how:
Dispel common misconceptions
Do you cringe every time you see a forum, blog, or social media post spouting bad advice or
wrong information? Are their common myths and misconceptions your clients have that you’d
like to conquer through education? Hosting public attorney conference calls is a great way to
educate current and prospective clients about a given area of law. Not only can you educate
attendees in real time in an attorney conference call, you can record your sessions and post
them to your website for future reference. By creating an audio content library on various topics
discussed, you’ll position yourself as even more of an expert than you already are.

Provide accurate information and answer questions
No doubt, those thinking about creating a trust, getting a green card or work visa, or filing a
lawsuit have a lot of questions. No matter what area of law you practice, your potential clients
need answers. Hosting attorney conference calls where you answer questions from the general
public is a great way to both provide accurate information and introduce your firm’s services. Of
course, you’ll want to make it clear up front that the conference call is for informational
purposes and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

Generate publicity
When hosting informational attorney conference calls where the general public can call in and
hear from an attorney as well as ask questions, you have the opportunity to toot your own horn
and generate publicity. Send out press releases before the attorney conference call to publicize
the event and share the conference call details on social media. You may also want to advertise
the call. After the attorney conference call, you have additional opportunities to generate
publicity. For example, you could issue a press release detailing some of the topics covered and
directing readers to your content library where they can listen in to the call at their leisure.
Reporters may seek you as a source for their stories as well, especially once your name gets out

Spread goodwill
Finally, it simply feels good to share your expertise with those who need it. Making yourself
available periodically to answer questions and offer tips is a good way to give back to the

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