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Conference Call Accounting for Partner


Losing time and money with commoditized conference call

No one likes to overpay especially for telecommunications services.  Many people think of
conference calling as a necessary evil.  But if you use bottom of the barrel conference call
services to save money there are concealed costs that you may not see initially and they can
be very costly.

Expenses caused by delayed call start, mediocre line quality, dependence on customer
support, month-end back office work for partners conference call billing. All of this adds up
to a considerable annual overhead which can equate to thousands of dollars.

Reduce costs with attention to these conference call accounting expense factors:

1.  Quicken conference call start time to stop minute waste.  Avoid waiting for long system
voice prompts.

2.  To reduce call minutes, end the necessity to have participants repeating what was said
because of line quality issues.  Do this by using a high quality network so everyone can hear

3.  Reduce time consuming dependance on vendor support with a dedicated online account
Utilize a live conference viewer that enables the chairperson to see who is on the call.  Add
client matter codes so that month end reports are ready for rebilling to the clients without
time consuming conference call accounting.

Attorney firms and their partners live in a dynamic day-to-day world.  High performing
services are a must. ClientMatterConference built this service to assist your law practice by
providing valuable cost savings and enhancing service quality in the process.

Billing clients for attorney conference calls is a must, but it's not always easy. Perhaps your
firm has a system in place for tracking your time, but then again, it could be completely up to
you as to how and when you do so.

If you find yourself scrambling at month end, flipping through your calendars, trying to figure
out who to bill and how much, you may want to take a serious look at using client matter
billing codes directly within your conference calling service.

With Client Matter Conference, every conference call you host can be assigned its own client
matter billing code. For example, if you have a weekly conference call with Client A, when you
set up the recurring conference call, simply enter Client A's billing code into the client matter
billing field.

Meanwhile, if you need to hold an ad hoc conference call with Client B, simply enter Client B's
billing code into the client matter billing field. Every billable hour will be tracked
automatically. There's no need to use a stopwatch, jot down start and end times in a
notebook, or review your calendar to figure it all out. At the end of the month, simply run a
client matter billing report and see exactly how your time was spent and who should pay for

Our client matter billing field is a custom field where you can enter a billing code that
identifies the client and the conference call type. If your firm has a defined set of client
matter billing codes, we recommend following your firm's protocol. This will ensure
continuity between your existing accounting procedures and your conference calling billing.

What if you're holding a conference call that's not associated with a particular client? For
example, if you hold educational conference calls where you take questions from the general
public or present your services to potential clients, you could simply leave the client matter
billing code blank. However, your accounting department would likely appreciate it if you
identified these attorney conference calls as public outreach, marketing, or some other

Our client matter billing field is but one example of how our attorney conference calling
service is custom-built specifically for law firms. We also include detailed reports, unlimited
MP3 recordings, crystal clear connections, security features, and more to ensure that all of
your conference calling needs are met. Plus, with pay-as-you-go pricing, there's no obligation
to use the service and no monthly fees.
With Client Matter Conference, every conference call you host can be assigned its own client matter billing code.
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