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Audio and web-based legal hearings and meetings have become a valuable tool for law firms,
saving them time and money. Whether you need to hold a court conference call with a judge and
counsel or need to strategize an upcoming case with others on your legal team, the ability to
quickly and affordably gather together in an audio or web conference provides a reprieve from
the hassles and impracticalities of meeting in person at the last minute.
Before you automatically sign up for a big-name brand like AT&T, legal conference service
providers like Client Matter Conference exist that cater specifically to the needs of law firms. Not
only do we have all of your needs covered, our service is just as advanced and reliable, and it’s
offered at a lower cost. Let’s take a quick look at AT&T legal conference calling options and
see how they compare to Client Matter Conference.
AT&T Legal Conference Call Options
You have to do a little digging on AT&T’s website to find information about its conferencing
services. AT&T legal conference plans don’t appear to exist per se, at least on its main website.
If you visit AT&T’s Enterprise Business website, you’ll start to find more conference calling
options such as AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx, AT&T Conferencing with Skype for
Business, AT&T Audio and Web Conferencing, and AT&T Video Conferencing Solutions.
Since these are enterprise plans, their rates tend to be expensive and hard to find, too. If your
law firm is large enough to consider an enterprise plan, it looks like you’ll need to fill out a form
and give up your contact information in order to find out how much it will cost to host an AT&T
legal conference using one of these conference calling plans.
AT&T also has a corporate section of its website, and we were able to find some prices for the
AT&T Teleconference and Web Meeting Service. This plan, though hard to find, looks the most
comparable to Client Matter Conference’s legal teleconferencing plan. However, there are two
key distinctions:

•  Client Matter Conference has much lower rates than AT&T
Client Matter Conference caters to law firms whereas AT&T’s solution is a general purpose
conferencing service

Comparing AT&T Legal Conference Call to Client Matter Conference
With both our plan and AT&T, legal conference calls can be made without a reservation. You
can hold impromptu court conference calls, web conferences, legal assistant conference calls,
and more as needed.
With AT&T, participants can join at any time. This can also be the case with Client Matter
Conference; however, we add extra security measures, allowing you to lock your call so that no
one can join the call once you’ve locked it.
Both services are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no contracts or long-term
commitments. Both use high quality telecommunications networks, resulting in crisp audio and
reliable connections. In fact, we use the same exact bridging technology as AT&T.
You’ll pay a premium for a name brand service like AT&T legal conference. As of 2019, AT&T’s
per minute rates for teleconferencing under this plan start at 22 cents per minute (per
participant) for caller-paid dial in. Toll free dial in will cost 29 cents per minute (per participant).
Web conferencing is listed at 33 cents per minute per participant. Compare AT&T legal
conference calling rates to our low rate of just 6.9 cents per minute (per participant) - and toll
free, toll access numbers are included.

•  Other Advantages Client Matter Conference Offers Over AT&T
Legal conference calls are different from regular business conference calls, which is why we
designed our service with your needs in mind. As an attorney, you need an audio and web
conferencing solution built specifically for the legal industry. Here’s how Client Matter
Conference sets itself apart from general business teleconferencing services like AT&T:

•  Privacy and security
You need to be cognizant of privacy and security concerns of all stakeholders including
attorneys and administrators from your own firm, external counsel, clients, court reporters, and in
the case of a court conference call, judges. Legal hearings absolutely must be secure, and the
audio quality cannot waiver. Client Matter Conference offers several enhanced security features,
allowing you to lock conferences, assign one-time passcode, and more.

•  Unlimited audio recordings
Attorneys also need the ability to quickly record their conference calls, and without limits. With
Client Matter Conference, you can quickly and easily record a court conference call, web
conference, and other legal hearings. Where other teleconference service providers allow for a
limited number or length of recordings, we offer unlimited recordings.

•  Client matter billing
Meanwhile, many of your audio and web conferences will be billable to your clients. Client
Matter Conference understands this, which is why we include client matter billing fields where
you can assign a client-specific billing code to each of your legal teleconferences. Each month,
we compile this information into a report detailing each client’s billable conference calls. This
report can be downloaded into a spreadsheet where the person responsible for billing can
quantify and bill for your time spent on client-related conference calls.

•  Ease of use
You’re a legal professional, not a tech specialist. Client Matter Conference is as easy to use as
dialing a phone number or clicking a few buttons on a website. There’s no special equipment to
buy or software to install. Many of our features can be accessed with a key press during the call.
Others are easily configured online. Our attorney-friendly customer portal makes creating
private, secure conference rooms on the fly a simple matter of point and click. If you can fill out a
simple web form, you can host secure audio and web conferences complete with client matter
billing codes on demand.
With the same bridging technology as AT&T, better rates, and advanced features designed
specifically for law firms, Client Matter Conference is the clear choice. Sign up for a pay-as-you-
go legal conferencing plan today and experience the difference firsthand.
AT&T Legal Conference Call Service and Client Matter Conference
The Difference between AT&T Legal Conference Call Service and ClientMatterConference
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